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Far below the surface, where sunlight cannot reach, lays a 700-metre strata of water where 90% of all marine life lives. Join us to explore the abysses of the "Twilight Zone"!

See The Invisible. Discover the impossible.

Oceanic Encyclopedia

The Oceanic Encyclopedia is a ten-year cycle of oceanographic, climate and anthropological researches. Our institute deploys the most advanced marine technologies to conduct non-intrusive and never-seen-before expeditions.

The Scientist Project

The oceans are the most powerful and fragile environment on earth. We have created The Scientist project: a highly innovative ecological exploration ship that deploys advanced robotics. Zero carbon impact. Zero emissions to air and water. Zero noise pollution.


Our researches only make sense if they are shared with everyone. Our team of filmmakers follows us on all our expeditions to report and transmit each of our discoveries to the scientific community and to you !


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