CLIMATE : The CleanOcean Programme

During the ten years of our expeditions, the CleanOcean programme will measure the actual performance of propulsion and at sea energy production from renewable energy sources (wind, solar, hydrogen) in all sea and wind conditions, as well as batteries solutions. It will also assess the actual fuel savings achieved. These measures will be used to set up a standardized assessment method which will be proposed to the European Commission.

The CleanOcean Programme includes tests of clean technologies and methods applicable to maritime transports, cruising and yachting, and in particular:

  • Measure the environmental impact of each person on board using connected technologies in order to quantify the impacts associated with individual behaviours: energy use, water consumption, grey and black water discharges, food waste, etc. then reduce them and thus change individual behaviours in order to reduce the overall balance.
  • Reduction of impact sources and sustainable catering: purchase of products (including bunkering) with minimum environmental impacts (implementation of a green purchasing process for all purchases) available locally when possible and relevant, development of recipes created accordingly, use of maintenance and cleaning products with minimum impact on marine environments.
  • Waste management: in addition to minimizing discharges into the air from the generator, liquid and solid discharges will also be treated: mini treatment plant for grey and black water; treatment of solid and liquid waste on land after landing, optimised according to the means available locally.

Life Cycle Analyses of the use of the Scientist will be carried out at different stages of the project, as expeditions progress, in application of the ISO 14044 methodologies and the recommendations of the European Commission in this matter. The objective is to support the eco-design of the Scientist and its use, and more broadly the project, by entering into a ISO 14001 process of continuous improvement applicable to all of our expeditions. Results and learning will be quantified and published.