Our  non-intrusive expeditions

From 2020 and for more than ten years, the Institut Nicolas Baudin will lead five maritime expeditions of two years each : the Oceania Expedition, the Americas Expedition, the Pacific Expedition, the Eurasia Expedition and the Mediterranean Sea – Africa Expedition. We will sail all the oceans of the globe on our own ship, the Scientist. We will also organize some expeditions aboard other research vessels.

The oceans are the most powerful and fragile environment on earth. Therefore, we plan expeditions as little polluting and as little intrusive for this environment as possible. To this end, the Scientist will be designed as a high-tech eco-ship. We will also use the most advanced robotic technologies: space, air, earth, surface, underwater. No noise, as compact as possible, zero carbon emissions whenever possible. A bird among birds, a fish among fish.