The Nicolas Baudin Think Tank focuses on the following achievements :

  • Climate change adaptation, protection and resilience of marine ecosystems
  • Increased potential of aquaculture sites and reduction of negative impacts of aquaculture on the environment (adaptation to rising and warming waters, contribution of mesopelagic fauna)
  • Contribution of mesopelagic fauna for a rational development of the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries (blue growth)
  • Adaptation to climate change: freshwater management for coasts, islands, wetlands; renewable energy; waste management
  • Waste and water management in yachting, changes in boaters’ behaviour, international sustainable marina label
  • Infrastructures in regions impacted by rising waters, or for climatic exiles: marine eco-districts as models of resilience
  • Impact of rising water on the intangible heritage, development of the DCIH (Digital Conservatoire of Intangible Heritage of humanity): patterns, tattoos, local gastronomic recipes, indigenous handicrafts, etc.