Science is by its very nature universal. Its purpose is to share discoveries. From the very beginning, our institute’s objective has been to invite the general public to sail with us from one discovery to another, to dive into the depths with us, to marvel together without limit at what our planet has to offer.

We tell the story of this exploration of the depths, as in the 20th century the story of the conquest of space was told. A history of science, technology, men and women, adventures, discoveries and voyages. A story of unique images never imagined before. We build a continuous history, from expeditions to expeditions, from technical and human preparation to successive achievements and discoveries.

We produce content never before seen for the general public, the scientific community, and our partners, using cutting-edge technologies: 3D VR films for equipped theaters and virtual reality headsets, photo reports, documentary films. To achieve this, we test existing equipment, and we design low-light 3D VR cameras that can withstand hundreds of times the atmospheric pressure and take images in the darkness of the depths without the help of projectors that would make bioluminescence vanish.


  • Our director is St├ęphane Dugast, 18 years of experience in documentary filmmaking and Secretary General of the Society of Explorers in Paris.
  • Our 2D, VR 360 and VR 3D underwater image shooting team consists of highly experienced Australians Shayne Thompson and Leon Deschamps (Attenborough, BBC, National Geographic, etc).
  • Our photo agency is the Zeppelin agency, which creates reports from around the world on a human scale.