Alizée Chasse, president of the lnstitut Nicolas Baudin and director of the Péron Programme.

Alizée is an anthropologist, specialized in the cultures of Oceania and the Pacific Ocean. She is in charge of the anthropological mission of our expeditions: the Péron Programme, as well as of the creation of the DCICH (Digital Conservatoire of the Intangible Cultural Heritage).

Patrick Llewellyn, contents and partnerships director.

Patrick Llewellyn is a writer passionate about history and sailing ships. He has written and published several short stories and historical novels before devoting himself to the unknown history of the French maritime explorers in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. He builds the contents of the research programmes about history. He is in charge of the sponsors and partners relations.

Lisa Gershwin, director of the Commerson Programme.

American and Australian, educated at Berkeley University, Lisa holds a PhD in marine biology at James Cook University. Worldwide specialist of the jellyfish, she discovered more than 200 new species of them, some of which she gave names after the Baudin expedition.

Philippe Osset, director of the CleanOcean Programme and of the Think Tank Nicolas Baudin.

Philippe, former officer in the French Navy, has now 25 years experience in the environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) practice. He represents France in standardization bodies, such as ISO TC207 and ISO TC59. He is scientific director of SCORELCA, a LCA research network including major industrial companies and the French EPA. He founded SOLINNEN in 2010, a consulting firm assisting companies to embed the best environmental techniques and innovations originating from research. He leads the Think Tank Nicolas Baudin, and follows up the integration of environmental considerations in the design and the building of the Scientist in order to minimize its impacts over its whole life, including local impacts during its research work.

Matthew Connell, museographical advisor.

Matthew Connell has been Principal Curator of the MAAS (Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences) in Sydney for 27 years. Its field of application extends from mathematics to computing, including logic, computing histories, robotics, human-machine interaction, new media, etc.

Ali Rakib, heritage consultant.

For the past ten years, Ali has traveled all over the world in search of rare textiles from ancestral expertises. After studying cultures and oriental languages ​​at the Sorbonne in Paris, he flees the university benches to go to Nepal and climbs alone the Mount Annapurna at the age of 26 years old. Today, he is looking for textiles and unique solutions to empower the communities that hold this knowledge. His company ForWeavers works with big names in luxury and fashion like Chanel, Hermes, etc.

Tanguy Putz, operations.

Tanguy is a tech veteran who grew up the business of startups that turned into successful companies. He is an experienced blue water sailor with years and thousand of miles behind him exploring the planet off the beaten tracks. He deals with architects and boatyards to fully align the Scientist specifications with his missions. He is also in charge of planning a detailed routing for each expedition and ocean passage.

François Vantomme, media and communications consultant.

François is the director of the « Australian Courier » and works for the integration of the French community in Australia. He has recently consulted with organizations such as the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the EU-Australia Leadership Forum. He will represent the interests of the Institut Nicolas Baudin in Australia and New Zealand and will become the direct contact with our partners and media there.