The mesopelagic world remains almost unknown because it is technically very complex to explore. Most tools and technologies have yet to be developed. The objective of the Scientist Project is to create a complete technological ecosystem entirely tailored to effectively carry out this systematic exploration: robotics and their embedded technologies at the service of scientists, 3D shooting technologies in the depths, the vessel to project and operate these resources in all the seas of the world.


The Scientist.


The Scientist is a resolutely innovative scientific exploration vessel. Designed by our partner, the Bureau Mauric, it is based on the Neoliner concept.

  • 56 meters. 16 scientists on board + one film crew.
  • 80% sail propulsion. 20% remaining propulsion + on-board energy per hydrogen fuel cell.
  • Zero impact on the marine environment. Zero emissions to air and water. Zero noise pollution.
  • Fully designed as a platform for deploying the robotics of the Scientist project.
  • Wet and dry on-board laboratories, latest generation servers and very high speed internet connections to process data at sea as soon as specimens are collected.
  • Fully equipped editing studio at the disposal of filmmakers.




With our partner Eca Group, we create robotics capable of moving in all three dimensions of the water column. To define the most efficient specifications possible, we test existing subsea robotics, such as the H-ROV Ariane, which is unique in the world. Capable of evolving autonomously even vertically down to – 2,500m, it carries imaging and sampling instruments.

With our scientific partners, we also create instruments that do not exist yet:

  • 3D VR cameras capable of descent to 1,000 m and below.
  • Instruments for DNA and cell sampling in situ, within the water column.
  • Pressurized aquariums operated by the robotics to collect animals from the water column, bring them to the surface and carry them alive to laboratories on land.